K-VEST Level 1 Certification

support_webinarsThis program provides:

  • Best practices for K-VEST TPI 3D set up and operation
  • Comprehensive education for effectively evaluating swing efficiency (Kinematic Sequence)
  • Extensive review of bend, side bend and rotation (pelvis & upper body angles)
  • “Flow Charts” for providing a successful K-VEST TPI 3D Analysis
  • Best practices for using and customizing biofeedback (swing drills/corrective exercises)
  • Marketing support for effective brand messaging and lead generation programs
  • K-VEST Level 1 Certification logo and placement on K-VEST website
  • PGA ACE approved provider. Receive ACE Credits for participating.



Level 1 Certification Dates

  • february 15th and 16th 2016

K-VEST Level 2 Certification

support_webinarsThis program provides:

  • Extensive review of TPI’s the kinematic sequence graph (takeaway, transition, timing, speed)
  • Detailed action plans based on inefficient movement patterns
  • Functional screening protocols using K-VEST to objectively measure client’s limitations
  • “3D tested” swing drills and corrective exercises that enhance efficient movement patterns
  • Marketing best practices proven to improve lead generation and client follow up
  • Downloadable “Lockers” that provide biofeedback ranges for all swing drills and exercises
  • K-VEST Level 2 Certification logo with priority placement on K-VEST website


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