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TPI 3D, developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, is a powerful 3D motion capture software platform that consistently and accurately analyzes the 3D motion of a golfer’s swing. The software captures swing efficiency, via the kinematic sequence graph, and allows users to view key biomechanical information including posture and dynamic movements. Professionals can use TPI 3D to quickly compare a selected swing to the world’s best PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour players.

Benefits for Golf Professionals:

  • Kinematic Sequence report instantly illustrates the cause of distance and accuracy issues.
  • Provides critical information required for analyzing swings and helping each player achieve their goals.
  • Instantly see movement from any angle without the need for multiple video cameras.
  • Print or email biomechanics reports that track and display progress over time.

Benefits for Medical Professionals:

  • Measures swing efficiency and quickly identifies movement patterns that have the potential to create injury.
  • Ideal for screening, monitoring, and delivering customized exercise protocols.
  • Provides quantifiable evidence of protocol compliance and patient progress.
  • Affords opportunities to partner with local golf and fitness professionals.

Benefits for Fitness Professionals

  • Measures swing efficiency and instantly identifies physical and functional limitations affecting movement and performance.
  • Provides screening, monitoring, and delivery of customized exercise protocols.
  • Delivers quantifiable evidence of protocol results.
  • Affords opportunities to partner with local golf and fitness professionals.
  • Print or email TPI biomechanics reports to client or performance team member.